Soapweed's Ranch Ramblings
The writings of a Nebraska Sandhills cattle rancher!

June 15, 2005

There is a site on the Internet,
Where we cattle people all like to go.
Ranchers.Dot.Net is the name of the place.
The “bull session” fulfills our desire to know.

It’s just a cow country coffee shop;
You can stop in any time of the day.
If no one’s around, just plop right down,
And check out the thoughts on display.

There is bound to be something of interest,
It doesn’t matter from where you reside.
Though most of us have manure on our boots,
“Cowboys at heart” are from worldwide.

There are plenty of topics we all discuss,
But they all have a main common thread.
The raising of Beef is the name of the game,
Our main goal is to keep beef-eaters well fed.

Industry issues are ever at hand,
And we admit we don’t always agree.
Some good stories get told, and poems and such
There is really quite a potpourri.

Vegetarians even check in now and then,
We welcome them, and try to be nice,
They can have their lifestyle, and we’ll keep ours.
We thrive on Beef---they can have beans and rice.

So we advise, if ever time hangs heavy,
And you are wondering what to do,
Check out the bull session on Ranchers Dot Net.
Coffee’s on, and there’s Beef in the mulligan stew.







Copyright © 2005 Steve Moreland
All Rights Reserved