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Horses & Dogs ? Re: Lubber
Beautiful horse! The story of his life is interesting, too. What a treasure for your family to have the memorabilia.


Ranch Talk ? Re: Tough year for berries
BMR, you sure are blessed to get those wild fruit delicacies! Here in western SD, the GOOD years for berries are the rare event. I did see a very few red buffalo berries this year. Doubt if it was ...

Ranch Talk ? Re: Want To Sell Your Dodge Ram?
Traveler wrote:
Probably didn't want those old pickups to go too fast with a trailer, as stopping might have been a concern. Did trailer brakes ever work back then?

Excellent point! The trailers ...

Coffee Shop ? Re: Courageous young lady
She might be minus a limb, but she is a plus on heart.

Everything Else ? Re: Tune for today
Rhett Walker Band - When Mercy Found Me


The "Get Together" in Deadwood Photo Gallery

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The Southeast Angus Classic Female Sale was held May 16, 2015 in Opelika, Ala.

Town Creek Farm (TCF) and owner, Milton Sundbeck, West Point, Miss., will host cattlemen from across the region during the 2015 Fall Brangus Conference and Southeast Brangus Breeders Association Fi...

Auburn, Ala. -- Auburn University Department of Animal Sciences announces the 2015 Beef Cattle Conference for Saturday, August 8, 2015 at Auburn University Ham Wilson Livestock Arena and campus fac...

The first public offering of new, genetically improved and performance-based Santa Gertrudis NuGen cattle were auctioned in at the NuGen Foundation Sale and Celebration in Ringgold, Ga., in mid-April.

Stress is continually imposed upon production animals to provide more meat and milk products. To maximize yield, it is imperative to keep animals as comfortable as possible and maintain feed intake...

There are a large number of sports and projects for youth and adults alike to focus their attention toward. Whichever activities people choose, it is eventually understood that there are some prove...




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