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Ranch Talk ? Re: NFR
littlejoe wrote:
For a perennial Canadian: Gary Remple--great pickup man, good guy.

My grandfather knew the Remple boys when they were kids, he used to pick up at the local rodeos in southern Sask. H...

Everything Else ? Re: Guadaloupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe - Guadalupe, Mexico (1531)
Patroness of the Americas
Feast Day in the USA - December 12th

The opening of the New World brought with it both fortune-seekers and religous preacher...

Ranch Talk ? Re: Bovine TB. Any input?
GM888 wrote:
they arnt getting it right!!

It's not good to hear that.
The CFIA has some real prizes on staff. We were lucky, as our long time ranch vet had just accepted an offer to go to work for CF...

Ranch Talk ? Re: Remembering Ronald Snyder, Rancher from Eli, Nebraska
That was a good read, Soap. You don't have to take a back seat to Ralph Moody.

Everything Else ? Re: Word Association Game

Horses & Dogs ? Re: border collie puppies
Not that we haven't used dogs around young pairs. Our good dog would watch the gate when we paired out. She knew just what to do and where to be. She was like having another person there and she di...

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Many acronyms are used in the beef cattle industry. Knowing exactly what they represent instead of guessing can be important.

A warm fall day greeted a standing room only crowd of Brangus enthusiasts from five states gathered at Poteet, Texas, for Doguet's Diamond D Sale of Proven Producers.

“When feeder cattle markets are in balance, prices for lighter-weight feeder cattle adjust to account for the cost of gain to put the additional weight on those cattle such that feedlots are relati...

In many purebred operations, bull sales make up a significant portion of their cash flow. Therefore, bull growth and development is very important to the overall success of their operation. Many ca...

Here are ten smartphone apps that we desperately need some geek to create:

The Southern Connection Charolais Sale was held October 19, 2016 in Calhoun, Ga.




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