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Ranchers.net's Bull Session
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Ranch Talk ? plant growth regulator
I'm experimenting with this one on oats and willow creek winter wheat----both for forage. And on an old mostly grass, grass/alf field.

Does anyone have any input? thanks.


Ranch Talk ? Re: Mineral Program
Intermountain Cattleman bagged mineral from IFA for the cattle on pasture I lease down along the foothills. And trace mineral/salt blocks to the cows on top of the mountain. And some folks have cal...

Ranch Talk ? Memorial Day Thank You!!!
To all our service members, Past and Present, I tip my hat and offer my upmost respect and thanks! My kids sleep in peace each night because you all keep/kept the wolf from the lambs! May ya'll hav...

Everything Else ? Re: Tune for today
Colton Dixon - Through All of It


Coffee Shop ? Re: My journey in the last couple of weeks/months
Patience through My Lens

What do you think when you hear the word ?patience?? Dictionary.com defines ?patience? as: ?an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted w...

Ranch Talk ? Mineral Program
Just wondering what the rest of you put out for mineral in the summer months? Creep or no creep?

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“Large year-over-year increases in U.S. chicken and pork production have been a theme across all meat and poultry markets, and rightly so. Those increases, compounded by lackluster exports, have dr...

For many producers the last four or five years have been particularly challenging, especially when it came to providing for the forage needs of the cow herd.

I hope I never have to retire because, quite frankly, I'm not very good at it. My friends can't understand why I don't want to retire while I can't understand why they worked their entire lives doi...

If you ever wondered how important it is for cattle producers to take seriously even the most preposterous allegations levied by activist groups, consider the long winding road involving circus ele...

Creep feeding, like so many management practices, has been around for a long time. In the current cattle markets, with the value of calves at all-time highs, producing the extra pounds of beef can ...

It's been talked about for 60 years. It's better for animals, preferred by most cattle feeders and could provide a 169 percent return on investment.




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