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Ranch Talk ? Re: Drought actions & advice?
If you have some farming, or access to, during drought times it can help you hold your cow herd together. Grazing or haying wheat, etc...just don't wait too long to hay wheat. Some forage crops m...

Ranch Talk ? Re: MEMORIES AND STORIES OF GORDON, NEBRASKA, by Steve Moreland,...
I have been to a graveside service in Gordon. Wood Lake would be the only cemetery I've seen that could be as beautiful.

Coffee Shop ? Re: Daily Bible reading
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Acts 16: 22 - 34
The crowd in Philippi joined in the attack on Paul and Silas, and the magistrates had them stripped and ordered them to be beaten with rods. After inflictin...

Ranch Talk ? Drought actions & advice?
Been a dry spring here so we are selling about 30% of our cows tomorrow. Everything that had not calved plus a few pairs. We may sell down some more in a few weeks when we work calves if the weat...

Ranch Talk ? Re: You can't save them all
My son and his father-in-law had a calf about 4 months old that they found hung in a tree - - - neck in a fork about 5' off the ground - - - they think she had to have jumped to get up there and pr...

Ranch Talk ? MEMORIES AND STORIES OF GORDON, NEBRASKA, by Steve Moreland, May...
By Steve Moreland, May 19, 2017

Memories and stories of Gordon, Nebraska have recently come to mind. Possibly this is because I was born there in the old thr...

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Hooter's old friend, Uncas Bingelmeyer was usually more carefree than the owner of a new credit card at a discount store. Today, though, he watched the scenery speed by as if they were approaching ...

Developing and breeding yearling heifers can be equally rewarding and frustrating. The process is too timely and costly to land anywhere short of success. The technology around estrus synchronizati...

Every business has (or should have) a means of measuring and analyzing the various factors that play a role in overall performance and profitability as well as to help in decision making. Cattle op...

Warmer temperatures are quickly approaching, and that means livestock producers should start considering how to help their animals handle the heat.

We were bringing a little preschool friend out to our house for the afternoon. She was a town kid and about every three miles, she'd ask, “Are we ALMOST there?”

Here is the correct way to load a horse.




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