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Ranchers.net's Bull Session
...the Internet's best cattle forum!

Ranch Talk ? Curt Pate, Whitt Hibberd, Bud Williams, Low Stress
I've spent time watching and learning over the years. A lot of what I learned as good Horsemanship transfers to cattle is my feeling.

Make the right thing easy, wrong thing hard. Get your stock to ...

Ranch Talk ? Re: Ford Explorer carbon monoxide issue
So what did you get for a better ride, mrj? We have a Yukon Denali and love it.

Coffee Shop ? Re: Daily Bible reading
Wednesday, October 18, 2013
Letter of Paul to the Romans 1: 16 - 25
Brothers and sisters: I am not ashamed of the Gospel. It is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes; for Je...

Ranch Talk ? Re: Sweet clover questions
Silver wrote:
Faster horses wrote:We milked a cow for our own use (and sold some) and boy, when those cows consumed wild onions, it was a terrible smell and taste.

Same deal here with stinkweed. I le...

Coffee Shop ? Re: Mustang Pictures--------------
Oh man! Those were over the top!!! Thank you!!

Coffee Shop ? Mustang Pictures--------------
This is the second half of the pictures I posted a few years ago, that people seemed to like. The pictures are
a collection from thirteen years of hunting mustangs with a camera.

The "Get Together" in Deadwood Photo Gallery

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Diseases are a big concern for deer biologists and managers. Since the reestablishment of white-tailed deer across the Southeast, hemorrhagic disease has had a negative impact on their populations....

One thousand, one hundred and eleven commercial females from Florida's leading ranchers found ready acceptance at the recent Cattle Country Sale in Brighton, Fla.

I'm not in the mood today to try and be funny. And normally I don't believe writers should use their podium to preach to people. In most cases I don't have the qualifications or the credentials.

Cattle numbers continue to grow with national cowherd expansion, and various data suggest herd expansion is continuing this year.

A few simple steps can help cattle producers become more effective in battling respiratory disease in their herd, get full value of any vaccine they purchase, and possibly increase their operationa...

Many times a producer does not consider or appreciate the value of a good year-round herd health program until confronted with a difficult calving season or an unacceptable level of calf loss from ...




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