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Ranchers.net's Bull Session
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Ranch Talk ? Re: Vigortone mineral
Faster horses wrote:
highgrit wrote:It's hard to beat Purina wind and rain. We keep trying different mineral sources and so far Purina has been the best all around mineral for us. I'm interested in ...

Coffee Shop ? Re: Baker and Montana lost a great one last Monday
That's terrible, somethings there's just no making sense of.

Ranch Talk ? Re: New-ish rancher and looking for advice
Faster Horses and M5 have given you good advice.

Mine would be to spend some time reading posts on this sight and look for some answers as most of your questions have been asked and many you never e...

Ranch Talk ? Re: A FEW HIRED HAND TALES, by Steve Moreland, August 13, 2017
We've had a few hands over the years that were some characters. The sheriff was good friends and it was fairly easy to keep a hand once you bailed them out of jail and they had to work off bail mon...

Ranch Talk ? Re: Ok I'll put up something about cattle
You are correct in being concerned about calcium. Adding calcium in the feedlot results in higher gains. Calcium in cattle is as important as calcium in people. If you are feeding a good 12% calciu...

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A moderate crowd was on hand to evaluate an excellent set of cattle, very well presented in excellent sale condition.

Marketing cattle efficiently and at the proper time can make money for the producer. There are many costs involved in getting cattle to market and it is important to try to minimize those costs. Ma...

There's no telling how many inventions and pastimes, good, bad and pointless, are borne by idleness. Not laziness, mind you, but willing, busy minds and hands forced to wait.

Is this a good time to expand your cow herd, now that the U.S. beef cattle industry is deep into a fourth year of its rebuilding phase? The consensus has a short answer: no.

The Southeast Brangus Breeders Association (SBBA) will host a cattlemen's gathering at the Seminole Indian Reservation in Brighton, Florida, on Friday, Aug. 18.

The economic injury level of face flies, a common pest of pastured cattle, is only 10 insects per animal.




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