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Pretty Moon
May 22, 2005

We went to church this evening, and when the service was over, several of us stepped outside to visit in the cool of the evening. One lady looked up and said, "Now that is what I call a pretty moon. You should take your favorite gal the long way home tonight." She went off to visit with some other members of the fairer sex, and her husband told me an amusing tale. Quite a few years ago, it was their wedding anniversary and they decided to take a trip to Rapid City. They had three little girls, and were hoping that the wife's parents could babysit the girls at home while the young couple enjoyed a week-end out on the town.

When the older couple found out the destination, they suggested that they could just go along and make it a family outing. The young folks were good natured and thought that it would be okay. When they arrived in Rapid City, the father-in-law suggested that money could be saved if they all just stayed in the same motel room. After all, there were two double beds, and the little girls could just sleep on the floor. The young man hated to show his disappointment so went along with the idea. The older gent didn't plan to pay for a motel room and the young fellow didn't think it was his responsibility to cover the charges of another room.

The darkness of night had arrived. Meanwhile back at the motel room, the young man suggested to his pretty bride that they could leave their little girls with the grandparents and drive around and see the sights. Guess what, ol' Gran'pappy said he'd like to go, too. Well, what is a feller to say but okay. Grandma stayed with the girls.

During the drive up through the Dinosaur Hills, the young lady said, "Boy, what a pretty moon." From the backseat came Grampy's reply, "There is a ring around it. That means that it is going to rain."

So much for romance.







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