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Oct 22, 2004

Crossbreds work well in cattle, and also in people. The older I get, the more "holes" get blown into the high cattle-producing theories I had as a younger man. At one time, I thought an F1 half Hereford-half Angus cow was the only way to go, and breed them to a third "terminal cross" sire. It works well, but is no better than a two-way cross. A multiple don't-give-a-darn-cross is just as good if not better. What works is "uniformity". Get as many look-alike same-sized cattle in a selling group as possible, and the buyers like what is presented.

It is a foggy morning (I can't see the yard fence), and I would love to expound on some of my newer theories that throw sand at my old theories, but it will have to wait. Most of the older-timers on this board have already been inundated with most of my present ideas, so I hate to be-labor the deal anyway.

Have to grope our way several miles to preg check a couple hundred cows. It's going to be chilly, with rain a possibility. Might not be as fun as it could be.






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