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Bull Deal
Dec 14, 2004

Had a fun day of traveling and looking at cattle. I ended up buying 35 bull calves that were born this past February. They are the top 20% or so out of a real good commercial Angus herd. They are weighing over 900 lbs. right now and should gain about 2.25 pounds per day until early May, when I take delivery. They cost me $1200 apiece, which includes the winter feed bill (basically $1000 each for the bulls, and $200 each for feed until May). I paid $200 apiece today, and wrote "feed" on the check, to be deducted on this year's business. Right after the first of January, I will give another check for $400 each, and will pay the "second half" $600 in May, upon delivery. These bulls come from the same herd that I bought a bunch from two years ago, so should work real well. Next fall, at the end of breeding season, these bulls will be sold as "cutting bulls" and with any luck, will bring at least $800 apiece. This still amounts to fairly cheap rent, and we don't have to put up with the bellering obnoxious buggers all next winter.

Also I bought 27 real nice Angus bred heifers from the same party. They are weighing around 1100# each, and are in ideal flesh. These cost $1200 each, but with a savings in income tax, actual cost will be more like $800. These heifers and the bulls all have good dispositions and are gentle to walk around. That is worth a lot.

Also spent some time visiting with a friend who makes saddles and other leather goods. Stopped off at the local emporium and got in on Taco Tuesday for supper. Caught up on the local gossip with other patrons. Anyway, it was a fun day.






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