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Selling Club Calves
Oct 19, 2004

A week ago, an acquaintance of the last six years called to see if we would consider selling any club calves. I told him that we didn't raise any "club calves" but just good functional using cattle in their work clothes. This man and his dad had bought a pot load of fall pairs six years ago, and really liked the cattle. Some of the offspring of these cows had shown well at their local county fair, but due to health reasons (the older man has Alzheimers and the younger man has M.S.) they no longer owned the cows.

Yesterday, this gentleman and his two sons, ages 11 and 13, came out to look over our remaining steers. Mrs. Soapweed, Saddletramp and I, with the expertise of the local vet, had just finished preg checking 197 cows. The timing was good, so the visitors watched while we sorted out a few selling cows. We loaded these on a trailer, and the visitors rode with me to take these cows home while Mrs. S. and Saddletramp moved the remainder of the cows to fall pasture.

We drove back to where the steer calves and their mothers were out on a meadow, unhooked the trailer to better drive around, and the Iowans picked out three calves that they liked. Later we hooked back onto the trailer, parked along a fence, made a wing with the other pickup and trailer, and we three cowpersons mounted on our trusty steeds drove the three cows and the three calves onto the 24' trailer. That is where the sliding gates in the center doors come in handy. We were able to let the cows back out and keep the calves in, then later put the calves onto the trailer with the Iowa license. Pocket phones again came in handy, as the brand inspector was able to come right out to inspect.

Didn't make a big killing on these calves, as I sold them for $2500 for the three, but it still came out to about $1.50 per pound, with no commission charges. Hated to hold them up too bad, as I am sure not guaranteeing they will win any shows with the calves, even though they looked pretty good. Anyway, they drove off happy.






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