Rice Picnic Salad

3c hot cooked long grain rice
1/4c. French dressing
1/3c. minced yellow onions
1tsp.salt/ 1/2tsp.pepper/fresh ground
1cup chopped (fine) celery
1/3c. chopped(fine) green pepper and sweet relish
1/2c. chopped (fine) sour pickles and pimento
3hard cooked eggs chopped fine
3/4c. mayonnaise
Combine rice, french dressing, onions, s&P; let stand while preparing remaining ingredients. Then add all remaining ingredients and toss lightly with fork. Refrigerate thouroughly for at least 3 hours to bind flavors, preferring overnight, keeps well in sealed jars. Great with picnics, Bar-b-q's, steak dinners to lighten the meal excellent side dish. Cowboys will love this one. Send Dasl Email if you enjoyed, Plenty more where that one came from. Dasl@cattle-today.com


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