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Coffee Shop ? Re: Share a Tune


Ranch Talk ? Re: Ready to take a hammer to it......
So....... what I have a hard time figuring out how they are so good for the environment, is the amount of fuel that these heavily emissioned machines use, especially when you pour the cobs to them....

Coffee Shop ? Re: Daily Bible reading
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Jeremiah 23: 5 - 8
Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will raise up a righteous shoot to David; as king he shall reign and govern wisely, he shall do wh...

Ranch Talk ? Ready to take a hammer to it......
.......like Hillary Clinton destroying electronic devices.

JD 6195 has 4 annoying beeps every 4 to 8 seconds and a message about the EGR isn't communicating. Can't get the damn thing to shut up. B...

Ranch Talk ? Re: Bison Deception

"We've always stayed on the sidelines of the country-of-origin-labeling debate because 99 percent of bison is produced in the U.S. and Canada," said Carter. "However, with Asian water buffalo being...

Ranch Talk ? Bison Deception
Slipping in some Water Buffalo from India.

Most of this imported meat is coming from India, says Carter, which is home to 130 million domesticated and 40 million wild water buffalos.


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Hooter could hardly wait to get to Aunt Pinky's for an afternoon snack. She told him over the weekend she would be doing her Christmas baking and candy making for the next week or so.

Reproductive soundness in your bull battery is just as important, if not more important to that in your cow herd.

Have you ever seen something in a grocery store or restaurant and wondered what the person who first tasted it must have been thinking?

Do you have a deepfreeze full of beef? That's why beef marketing campaigns are not directed at you.

Staying a step ahead in the cattle industry is no small challenge. Cattlemen and women looking to find that extra step will be attending the 2019 Cattlemen's College in New Orleans, La., Jan. 29-30.

The 2018 Angus Convention and Trade Show drew in a crowd of nearly 2,000 cattle producers, industry professionals and Angus breeders. The American Angus Association® celebrated a year full of progr...




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