JD hydraulics

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JD hydraulics

Post by lavacarancher » Sun Aug 30, 2020 3:02 pm

Pretty dumb question but I'll ask anyway. A lot of times the remote hydraulics on my JD are pressured up and I can not plug in my implement. To make matters worse, sometimes the implement hydraulics are also pressured up. My solution has been to loosen the fittings on the hydraulic lines to bleed the pressure or, in the case of the tractor, punch the center of the hydraulic connection to bleed pressure. Surely there must be an easier way. What about placing the control lever in the "float" mode. Will that bleed both directions (up and down)? I have a big International and the remotes on it have levers you turn to engage the hydraulics. Much, much easier.


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Re: JD hydraulics

Post by Texan » Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:08 am

Not sure about the JD's and the float, but I have one tractor that hooks up easier if I kill the tractor and take some pressure off in that way. I always try to take some pressure off the lines of implements when I unhook them to make them easier to hook up the next time. I just hold the coupling below the cylinder level and push in on it to let all of the fluid drain out that will. It's usually just a few tablespoons at most - not enough to worry about losing. That way if the cylinder drops some during storage or if it's a lot hotter/more pressure when I hook to it again, there won't be so much pressure in the line.

I also push fittings against a 3 point arm to relieve some pressure before attempting to hook up. Obviously, you look away to protect your eyes, and as all of you know, it's going to get all over you if you're doing it early in the day. Some kind of Murphy's law thing that it doesn't do that if you're already dirty. Although I'm not a scientist, I'm reasonably certain that land grant university research would prove that a tablespoon of hydraulic fluid has the shirt contaminating equivalent of five gallons of other liquids.

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Re: JD hydraulics

Post by Big Muddy rancher » Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:32 pm

They can be a pain, seems to vary between tractor, I know one of our tractors hook hook up easier if the tractor is shut off.
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