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Re: It was a good day

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:31 pm
by TexasBred
LCP wrote:Ok I did find one study...but it didn't really say there was a difference, and it was done on feedlot animals fed a high concentrate ration. So not really apples-to-apples in my situation.

https://www.animalsciencepublications.o ... /78/9/2446
Yessir they are chelates as are metal amino acid chelates and proteinates...Most research will usually be done with feedlot operations because it is easier to monitor and control them compared to pastured cow/calf operation. Ran a small scale test of my on with my dairy cattle a few years ago but nothing really scientific. Was mainly concerned with effects on foot rot. Results were inconclusive with the exception of tests showing that the cattle were actually utilizing a much higher percentage of the organic minerals even when used at lower inclusion rates as apposed to the mineral made up entirely of oxides and sulfates (no hydroxy trace minerals used).