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How to post a picture... Easy as 1-2-3!

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How to post a picture... Easy as 1-2-3!

Postby M Gravlee » Mon Jan 02, 2006 9:03 am

You have to be a Forum Member and be logged in...

Easiest way is to click the "• Add image to post" below your text and then browse to the file on your computer and click upload. It will upload your file and automatically put the small version in your post. Anyone can then click on it to see large image.


1. Go to Photo Gallery at http://ranchers.net/photopost/index.php and click on "Upload Photos". If you don't see the button, register and login. You have to Register and log in before you can upload. Your ranchers.net forum login should work or you can register directly in the Photo Gallery there.

2. Click on the first "Browse" button and find the photo file on your hard drive.

3. Enter Title and Description if you wish and click the "Upload/Submit" button.
If it says Uploading Photos but nothing appears, your image is too large, either in file size or dimensions or both. It will take very large images but not giant images.

4. When you have got the picture uploaded and opened, RIGHT CLICK in the picture. You will get a text box opened. Scroll down to "properties" and left click. This brings up another box and in that box there will be a URL. Highlight the complete URL and copy (CNTL C).

5. Go to the forum where you want to post your picture. When you click on Post there will be several little boxes at the top of the page. The boxes contain the following: "B" for bold, i for italics, u for underline and so on. There will be one box that has "Img". When you are ready to post your picture press click the "Img", put your cursor in between the {img}{/img} and then paste your picture by pressing (CNTL V) and you are done.

That's all! :D

Another plus for the Photo Gallery... your picture is automatically sized just right for the Forums! :D

(Or you can use PhotoBucket.com if you prefer. If you are using Photobucket then you can upload your photos in two sizes by simply making one an attachment and the other a preview in the body of the photo. It is simple to upload to Ranchers.net from there. Just simply highlight the photo you want to upload and then go to the box on the right that says img. Click on the word img and it will say copied. Then go to the body of your post and hit cntrl v and the picture will download to Ranchers.net. It's not a bad idea to use preview to make sure it's the correct image.)

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