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Postby lavacarancher » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:47 am

I'm getting old (already am) and it's getting harder to hook up my 3-point equipment to the tractors. Seems like every piece of equipment is a different width? So my question is - how many of you use a quick hitch and what is the good, bad and ugly. I realize it's not going to help with the PTO.

And number two - does JD make a stabilizer set up that doesn't use the shims to set the width of the lift arms? I have 2755 JD.



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Re: Question(s)

Postby m5farm » Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:02 pm

It depends on what implements your hooking too. I have a harbor freight quick hitch that I have used and abused on my JD. It has the blocks you unbolt and rotate to different widths.. Most old equipment has to be "adjusted" to fit but once it's done your set. I have mine now where I just back up and lift the lever to engage equipment pins. It will sometimes require adjustment for top link hook but most can be set to work without it adjusting it. I have bushhog, hay fork, 200gal sprayer, box blade and a field cultivator set up to just lift and only have to get off one time to adjust top link or hook PTO up. I could adjust my hay cutter to work with it but that extra 3 inch's sticking further out adds alot more stress. If you have alot of different width equipment look at Pat's quick hitch. Either will make your life easier.

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