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NEBRASKA CATTLEMAN, October 1948 - Hereford Tour Makes History

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NEBRASKA CATTLEMAN, October 1948 - Hereford Tour Makes History

Postby Soapweed » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:33 am

At a “retirement” auction yesterday, I had the privilege of purchasing a neatly organized collection of old NEBRASKA CATTLEMEN magazines. There is a lot of good reading to be had from these historic old publications. Here is a sample.


Hereford Tour Makes History

Stockmen and business men from seven states and representing no less than 45 Nebraska counties thoroughly enjoyed the three-day Hereford Tour, August 23-24-25 [1948], which was sponsored by The Northwest Nebraska Hereford Breeders Association and the extension service of the College of Agriculture. Mr. W.W. Derrick, better known as “Bill,” of the Agricultural Extension Service of the College of Agriculture, deserves a big share of the credit for having been most responsible for the successful planning and consummation of the tour.

Grass-covered Northwest Nebraska abounds with some of the best cattle in the nation. That was the opinion of the majority of nearly 450 ranchers and business men who participated in the tour. Many were heard expressing surprise at the quality animals which they saw as they moved along in what is probably the largest tour of its kind ever staged in the United States.

The group visited ranches in Cherry, Sheridan, Dawes, and Sioux counties. At each stop Derrick interviewed those responsible for the herds and offered background material.

Cattle were grouped and penned to allow convenient inspection. At the 25 points on the tour, some of the finest animals in the area were exhibited—prize herd bulls and cows that have made Hereford history, and their sons and daughters. Many of the herds have furnished foundation cattle for breeders in nearly all of the states of the Nation.

Starting south of Valentine, the visitors spent the first morning looking over the fine herds of Wilbur Drybread, Harold Harms and the By-The-Way Ranch. By this time the groups had worked up a good appetite. They thoroughly enjoyed the picnic dinner at the By-The-Way Ranch, prepared and served by Mrs. Drybread, Mrs. Harms and Mrs. McKelvie.

The Al Ross, Lloyd Olsen and Jack Stotts herds came first on the Monday afternoon list. At the fair grounds at Valentine, Leo Cronin showed 15 of the cattle from his ranch, all descendants of one cow. The herds of Mrs. Arthur Bowring and Ed Belsky completed the day’s sight-seeing.

Monday night’s stop was at Gordon, where a picnic supper was served by the Gordon Chamber of Commerce.

Leaving Gordon at 7:15 A.M. the caravan arrived at the Forney ranch. This is one of the largest Hereford herds in the state. Mr. and Mrs. Forney were waiting on the turnoff on Highway 27 to conduct the tour over the ranch. As the group was ready to leave ice cold lemonade was served.

The next stop was the Levi and Carol Hahn ranch, 24 miles west. To the people not familiar with this area, this was really a fine experience. Several fine commercial herds were feeding along the trail, and hundreds of stacks of hay were seen in the meadow areas. A noon day lunch was served at the Hahn Bros. ranch home, giving the caravan an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and make new friends.

After a fine lunch served by the ladies of the community the caravan visited the Lloyd Lockman ranch and had an opportunity to see some Polled Herefords.

Other herds visited during the afternoon were those of John Bennett, Herman Sanders and Wilford and Ed Scott. The next stop was at the state park at Chadron, where the Chadron Chamber of Commerce served the supper.

Moving southward Wednesday, the tourists visited the ranches of Henry Steffenson, William Hern, Benton Marshall and Sons, and the Furman Hereford Ranch before pulling into Crawford for a lunch served with the compliments of the Crawford Breeders Association.

At that stop several nearby breeders brought in some of their cattle and placed them on display. They included Gue & Sider, Renfrow & Nowlan, Charles Ferguson & Son, Tom Moody, Calvin Lemmon, Levi Richardson, Frank Harris, Charles LaRiviere and D.L. Kay.

Wednesday afternoon the group moved on to look over the herds of Del Bigelow, Lee Bigelow, and V.C. Kennedy, where cool and highly appreciated refreshments were served, and the tour ended.

Excellent co-operation by all hands—including the breeders and business men in towns along the route—as well as the efficient management of Bill Derrick, with the fine assistance from Donald Sampson, secretary of the Nebraska Hereford Breeders Association, helped visitors get the greatest possible benefit from the tour. This same sort of co-operation among the breeders of this area over a period of years has been the chief factor underlying the production of so many fine cattle in northwestern Nebraska, it might be added.

Thus ended one of the most successful Hereford tours in history. Those who missed attending this tour will find it worth their time to visit the purebred herds. The quality of the animals is really outstanding and can only be appreciated by a personal visit. Nebraska is indeed fortunate to have the large number of breeding stock as a source of supply to maintain the many fine commercial herds of Nebraska.

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