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Re: bale decks

Postby sandhiller » Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:37 pm

Hayguy wrote:I see that some manufacturers are offering "pivot squeeze" and "parallel squeeze" options on their bale deck's. Does one style work better than the other? why?

I don't have a bale bed, but wished I did.

Something to think about: my brother had a hydra bed and used it several years on 2 different pickups. He had bent the spinners doing things it wasn't made to do. Then it had a major problem. He needed to use it and didn't want to wait for parts to get shipped. He drove to where it was made. They pulled it in and repaired it while he waited. He also asked them to replace the spinners.
When it was fixed, he went in to settle up. They told him "no charge", even for the spinners.

That pickup died. (It was bought brand new) and he need a working unit, so just traded the whole thing for another pickup that already had a different brand bale bed on it. He says the new one is not built as well and is starting to have problems with lots less use than his old one.

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